Sustainable, attainable?

AI empowered sustainability for the Belgian manufacturing industry.

As frontrunners in a digital avalanche, we are perhaps most aware of the impact of our data and AI-driven applications on our planet, our people ànd profits. Therefore, we understand  the rising need for green, human centred and financially viable options within companies left and right.

However, our knowledge of sustainability challenges is still in stark contrast to our technological knowledge.

Therefore, we’ve embarked on a series of interviews with sustainability officers to learn more about the challenges they face, and to use our collective knowledge to reflect on possible solutions.

Put briefly: we’re looking to learn, in order to help and share the lessons!


Customers value sustainability efforts

One in three consumers value a transparent, accountable and responsible supply chain when building trust with a company.

x 2,5

Increase in Chief Sustainability Officers in major coorporations

In the last 10 years, the amount of CSO's in multinationals increased over twofold, indication the rising initiative of companies to work on their sustainability strategy.


European Union aims to reduce carbon emissions by 55% by 2030, and fully by 2050.

Manufactured goods represent close to 85% of European exports. Naturally, the manufacturing industry is a priority regarding compliances and reporting.

Our initiative

What we did and what we'll be doing

It’s clear why we focus on tackling sustainability challenges within the manufacturing industry – it’s already a huge part of their strategy! In light of reporting and improving, our data and AI expertise is for most companies the missing link. Having a technology partner that understands the stakes and speaks the same language makes the difference, and that’s why we’re on this learning path.

This series of interviews shows us the insights of various sustainability officers within the Belgian manufacturing scene and the initiatives from our main partner Microsoft. Our key learnings are yours to discover, as well as our reflection on the challenges themselves and possible solutions from our technical point of view.
Ultimately; we’re looking to learn more: we conclude our series with a round table discussion with sustainability officers and European Union legislation representatives alike. They’ll share what to expect as a manufacturer in the future, and we’ll share struggles and suggestions with the EU as well.

Fill in the form below if you want to partake in our afterwork event to meet equals and discuss future sustainability opportunities below, we’ll be glad to meet you too!

Latest interview

"A need for new digital sustainability technology"

Thinking ahead of your product’s lifecycle is of vital importance when your product lasts for years. Charles (BekaertDeslee) explains how they work with emerging technology to make sure their products are as sustainable as possible, today and tomorrow.


Reserve your seat at the table!

With the wrap-up of our interview session with sustainable experts within manufacturing, we’re organising a round-table session with both sustainability managers and EU representatives alike. We’re inviting you all to an afterwork session where representatives from the EU will share the vision of the Green and Blue deal and engage in conversation about questions and worries about the future of your sustainability strategy.

Register now to reserve your spot at the table, and ask away about reporting strategies, the impact on Europe’s competitiveness or any other question.

This is a limited-seat event, aimed only at sustainability managers and peers, to keep the discussion insightful and allow for qualitative networking.