Developers Guide to AI #2 – Using Pre-Built AI to solve business challenges

As part of the Microsoft Azure Training Day, we’ve hosted a few sessions on Azure AI. We’ll be sharing these in a series of blogs.

#1: Making sense of your unstructured data with AI
#2: Using Pre-Built AI to solve business challenges
#3: Start building machine learning models faster than you think
#4: Taking models to the next level with Azure Machine Learning best practices
#5: Machine learning operations – applying DevOps to data science
#6: Better models made easy with Automated Machine Learning

In the second episode of this series you’ll learn more about using pre-built AI to solve common business challenge. We’ll be talking you through some ways of adding AI capabilities to your application without a need for massive amounts of computing power or AI expertise. We’ll be explaining pre-built AI services that are available in the cloud and are customize-able for your specific needs.