Chatbot human handover with Microsoft Teams

We’ve recently released a new feature for our chatbot partners. With the MS Teams human handover integration, you can now seamlessly hand over a chatbot-user conversation to a human agent, enabling a smooth collaboration between the people in your organization and Conversational AI technology. This feature enables you to take the reigns from your bot when it can’t seem to handle a difficult conversation or specific set of questions. The feature makes sure you don’t frustrate your customers with repetitive non-answers and can intervene in a chatbot conversation with a human touch at any given moment.

You’ll always have customer’s looking for something that your bot isn’t (yet) trained for or isn’t capable of answering. Thanks to the human handover feature, you can put your agents in the driver’s seat when needed. They can take over and steer the bot’s conversation when it goes off-road so you don’t lose the customer, in real time.

Thanks to the new feature and the integration with MS Teams, you get the advantages of being able to scale one on one communication, while agents can still humanize your brand and personalize the experience for your customer. Customer satisfaction is something all businesses should strive for and we’re confident this integration will help you keep your potential customers happy, with just one flip of the switch.

Check out the short demo below, or get in touch for additional information.


Stay tuned.