Cognitive Search

Did you know that of all information within companies, an estimated 80% is unstructured? Imagine you could retrieve all this data in an intuitive, efficient way. Saving you time and boosting your productivity. A far-fetched dream? Not really. Meet Tafuta, our Cognitive Search Solution that helps companies save time, work more efficiently and keep their information in one safe space. 

Tafuta – Arinti’s cognitive search solution

Tafuta, meaning search or seek in Swahili, is our solution to bring order into your chaos. In a – tiny – nutshell, it’s somewhat similar to Google or Bing since it’s also a type of search engine. However, typical search engines work with keywords, tags and metadata. Tafuta is a knowledge retrieval service with built-in AI capabilities like NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, speech-to-text and Image Processing. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand and organize data, predict the search query’s intent and improve the results’ relevancy. In short: a Google or Bing on steroids. 

How can Tafuta help your company?

In knowledge-heavy, document-driven organizations, the data-storing structure is key. However, even if your (folder) structure is top-notch, your employees still lose precious time finding that exact piece of information they’re looking for.  

As mentioned above, approximately 80% of companies’ data is unstructured. Unstructured data consists of various document types like scanned pdfs, images and audio files. Document formats that are extremely time-consuming to go through. And in a lot of cases, they are scattered around different platforms and apps within the organization.

With Tafuta, you gather all this data in one platform and make it searchable. It recognizes names, locations and other types of (custom) entities, visualizes connections and creates a comprehensible at-a-glance view. On top of saving time and energy, you are working more efficient and exact.

Tafuta’s benefits for your company

Now, let’s talk benefits, shall we? Investing in a Cognitive Search Solution with built-in AI capabilities – like Tafuta – leads to two significant benefits for your organization: increased productivity and decreased operational costs.

Productivity increases

With Tafuta, you tap into large sets of data sources, which aids in better and more efficient decision-making. It helps you identify, explore and provide relevant content and knowledge. Doesn’t matter if it’s structured or unstructured information. Furthermore, Tafuta enhances queries, meaning it knows what you’d like to explore, long before you complete it.

On top of that: this is just one single solution. Tafuta takes the necessity of other apps entirely out of the equation. It saves time, improves productivity and streamlines the business processes within the company.

Operational cost decreases

When productivity increases, the operational costs ultimately decrease. The resources you or your employees spend to gather information and discover knowledge will be significantly lower. Promise.

How does Tafuta work?

The basis for Tafuta lies in immense databases that grow over time and are ever-expanding. These databases ingest new data and information. NLP interprets written and spoken human language and is used to really understand your data and its context. Artificial Intelligence technology then extracts text from audio, images, blobs and other unstructured document types, making your content enriched and searchable. After this, it’s on to the two main workloads of a Cognitive Search Solution: indexing and querying.

While indexing, information gets brought into the search solution. In this stage, Tafuta recognizes entities, establishes connections between data and tokens, and automatically creates the metadata. That is why Tafuta is able to visualize connections and relationships. For example, suppose you’re looking for a specific author of a paper. In that case, Tafuta gives you all results connected to this author. May it be other authors, other papers, or something completely different this particular author relates to as well.

Mind you; one size does not fit all. And at Arinti, we know this. With Tafuta, you can build custom skills to make your Cognitive Search Solution meet your company’s needs even better. A custom skill, for example a custom entity module, can be particular to your industry or target a specific domain such as finance, medicine or scientific research. 

Smart Policing Hackathon

December 2020, Arinti participated in the Smart Policing Hackathon organized by the Belgian Federal Police. The Smart Investigation Challenge we picked – and won! – was all about uncovering innovative investigation techniques to speed up the fight against serious and organized crime. Our focus? Knowledge discovery and connecting the dots. Like true investigators. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Belgian police has a ton of data. However, a massive part of that data is not text, such as recordings on phone taps or pictures of  ANPR cameras. Meaning that technically speaking, it’s not searchable. In Tafuta, AI technology transfers speech and images to text. So hello, searchable content!

But that’s not all. Tafuta has an integrated Graph Analytics feature, which proved to play a valuable role in the Hackathon. The Graph Analytics gives you a solid visual representation of different entities and how they are connected or linked to one another. With this feature, investigators can better understand the links between criminal facts and – quite literally – see how the dots are connected.

This Hackathon is just one of Tafuta’s various applications. Organizations like Flanders Investment & Trade, VITO, VLAIO and VIB were already convinced of its power and benefits.

Want to find out what Tafuta can do for your business? Get in touch, and we’ll uncover the specific improvements Tafuta brings to your company.


Stay tuned.