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Technology is changing faster than ever, especially when it comes to using data analysis to deliver intelligent actions. These changes mean we can now tackle issues in a way that you wouldn't have dreamt of just a few years ago.


We enable organizations to predict what will happen next. We enhance your data with machine intelligence so that the information evolves from simple descriptive analytics (what happened?) into predictive recommendations (what will happen?).

The good news is that you don’t have to start this type of project from scratch. We can leverage the Cortana Intelligence building blocks to tailor the solution to your needs.

Information Management

You have vast quantities of data. So make sure you have a complete overview. With Cortana Intelligence, we can help you link, prepare, classify and monitor data from websites, apps and devices.

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Big Data Stores

Cortana Intelligence gives you access to a centralized warehouse of structured and unstructured data. All this is provided on an unlimited scale to enable a thorough analysis of every aspect of your organization and everything that interacts with it.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning looks for patterns in your data that you yourself would never find. These patterns help you to predict results, so that you are much better informed when making decisions.

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You can analyse your data yourself or you can gain more insights from your data. Use the advanced analytics of Cortana Intelligence to direct the action in real time.

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Make it much easier for your users to communicate by using cognitive software. Your users will receive automatic responses that instantly suggest the most appropriate action.

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Dashboards and Visualizations

Let your data come to life. Visualize your data in a simple and user-friendly way to create interactive reports.

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